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Transcendence of fabric with Shi Cashmere

Although fashion is fast-paced in its intrinsic sync with cultural shifts, textile composition has always been an element left behind with a tendency to plateau. This realisation has catalysed one designer's need to innovate cashmere leading to the fibre's revolution in the 1980s.

Soft Dreams on energy infused jewellery

Laura Galasso is the founder of Soft Dreams, a design studio based in East London aiming to create tailored spiritual experiences helping wearers connect materiality with vibration-shifting emotion. Laura’s designs are infused with ritualistic mysticism garnered whilst traveling to Bali. She explains the dynamics that shaped the vision behind her brand and the paradigm of crystals.

A sunglasses launch A Society x TBC

Gloria So is an emerging textile designer working between London and Paris whilst following a Master’s degree at The Royal College of Arts. She honed her creative direction abilities at Central Saint Martins (CSM), where she started developing textiles which engage the physical and visual senses.

Weaving and therapeutic touch

An investigation in the therapeutic effects of touch through the different mediums of Reiki and weaving. Both practices share the very similar goal of assisting the explorer in the process of discovering themselves by engaging the senses.

Emma Seeberg

Songwriter and singer Emma Seeberg casts light on her creative process and wellbeing practices which help her navigate through London's music scene

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