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Soft Dreams on energy infused jewellery

I believe that at each stage and moment of our lives we need different things and I try to cover all these emotions through the stones that I curate
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Laura Galasso is the founder of Soft Dreams, a design studio based in East London aiming to create tailored spiritual experiences helping wearers connect materiality with vibration-shifting emotion. Laura’s designs are infused with ritualistic mysticism garnered whilst traveling to Bali. She explains the dynamics that shaped the vision behind her brand and the paradigm of crystals.

Reading: Soft Dreams on energy infused jewellery
Written by Reference Studio

After living there you understand it is called ‘The Land of Gods’; there is a certain sense of surrealism in Bali which is kept through the locals’ beliefs in the mythical practices that they follow. In Hindu tradition, there is an emphasis on ceremonies accompanied by offerings of fruits and flowers, as keeping relations with the gods well calibrated is still an important aspect to them. Each festivity acts as a tribute to the spirits and a retaliation with one’s wellbeing; I remember Nyeppi, the day of silence, when the entire island goes idle, all the stores are closed, the roads become cleared of any cars or scooters and people go into complete reclusion. It is believed that on the day of Nyeppi bad spirits are passing on top of Bali and they won’t stop there if they don’t see anyone.

I was there covering a job role and I was already drawn to everything visual, arts, interior design, everything that requires a play with detail. Living in a place governed by mystical order, I started exploring with their practices. In Hinduism, people believe that everything, material and immaterial, is permeated by a force of life, an energy, called Prana. In their tradition, mystical objects such as crystals abound in energy which can be manipulated and transferred as an alternative remedy to physical or psychological hardship. I think that this energy can be channeled through crystals and kept close to the body as a constant reminder for any positive emotion, ranging from confidence to prowess or femininty.


I studied these practices with the locals and learnt about the properties of each crystal which I then applied to my jewellery. I was working with an artisan, opened a small studio and trialed and sampled materials everyday. I don’t follow a fashion calendar, I think it leads to overproduction and overconsumption. I believe that at each stage and moment of our lives we need different things and I try to cover all these emotional needs through the choice of stones that I curate for my pieces.

The ultimate aim of the jewellery is to strike an emotion with the wearer. Yes, the aesthetics are important, the stones are eye catching, but what I wanted to create is something that can be felt. I believe that choosing your items based on your instinct is best, as your intuition already knows why you are attracted to a particular colour or stone.



Colour is light and light has different energetical frequencies, which is why the colour of your crystals will determine their effects on your vibration. If one feels anxious, I find the peridot, which is an olive green bright stone, to be able to soothe the nerves and have calming properties. The amethyst can make you feel protected and content, whereas the garnet is believed to cleanse energetical build-up in the chakras and evoke a sense of serenity.

Maintaining your crystals is a continuous and ritualistic process which requires constant maintenance to make sure that their properties are still in function. I like passing incense on top of the crystals, or using Tibetan wool to increase the vibration; they can also be placed on your window sill on under full moon light or be cleansed with the burning of sage. To clean them is to reprogram them.

It is very hard to believe in something when you are struggling but you can always channel your energy into finding meaning. Having constant reminders of the flow of energy on your body is one way to feel grounded and assertive in your powers at all times, which is why I believe in the power of crystal jewellery.


You can purchase Soft Dreams pieces at www.lauragalasso.com

And learn more about Laura’s brand at @softdreambylauragalasso

Laura Galasso

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